Support Us

“We create a real home for the children focused on bringing them up as best we can and helping them develop as they mature”

Annastacia Nduta, Welfare – family units

How To Support Our Projects

We are extremely grateful to everyone who chooses to support our work to help the children of Kenya.

  • Supporters can give a one off donation to help with the basic overheads of running the home. Go to
  • Kelvin Loaves vouchers can be purchased at £5, £10, £25 and £100 from Balcraig Foundation for distribution in the poorest parts of Kenya. Go to
  • ‘Feed a baby Fund’ is a regular £15/month payment scheme for the milk fund in the nursery. Go to
  • To sponsor one of the Maasai girls from the Rescue Centre in Suswa will cost £10 per month. Go to
  • Raise money for Kenya Children's Home when you shop online at
  • Supporters can sponsor one of our children at a cost of £35 per month.
  • Wedding dresses can be donated and shipped to Nairobi.
  • Supporters can host jewellery parties to raise core funds for the home.
  • Supporters can give the Gift of Learning to support a child's education through Secondary school.

For further information about supporting our projects please contact the Balcraig Foundation Office in Perth.