What We Do
The Government of Kenya is currently making changes to the adoption process within the country.  As a result, we are unable to process any local or international adoptions at this time.  We will provide an update once the Government clarifies the role of adoption agencies in its new process.


Adoption Society

The Kenya Children’s Home Adoption Society was registered in 2005 by the Country’s Adoption Committee of Kenya, to conduct both local and international adoptions. The agency is one of only 4 registered adoption agencies in the country. Through the agency, advice and support services are offered for those looking to adopt as well as those offering their children for adoption.

The agency strives to place children into well-screened and suitable homes whilst also keeping within the ethos of the society and adhering to best practices and the best interests of the child.

Located within KCH, the Adoption Society caters for children from both KCH and from other children’s homes countrywide. Kenya Children’s Home Adoption Society takes time and effort to tailor services to the unique emotional, physical, spiritual and financial needs of families, working together for the child's best interest.

In recent years the agency has formed unique legal adoption contracts with many other countries, allowing families from those countries to apply for adoption of Kenyan children through our agency.

The Adoption Society currently partners with a range of other adoption services in countries throughout the world including the United States, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Germany and Italy. We continue to explore partnerships with agencies in other countries. 

For enquiries please email the adoption society on: info@kchadopt.com