Jonathan Gloag Academy

Jonathan Gloag Academy (JGA) was opened in 2002 to offer a high standard of primary education to the children of KCH and local fee-paying children, from kindergarten level to class eight.

Within the first five years of operation, the school had already become one of the most successful schools in Nairobi with 100% of its Class 8 children passing their national examinations for progression to senior school.

Due to its excellent reputation, there is now a constant waiting list for entry to JGA. In order to allow for this increased demand for places, building extension work commenced on JGA in January 2012 to provide room for a higher intake of pupils, taking the enrolment figure of JGA pupils up to 900 in 2012.

In addition to providing an excellent standard of education to its pupils, JGA also houses a kindergarten training academy for trainee teachers, providing jobs to some of these teachers and other local people.

The school also acts as a huge income generator for the orphanage with proceeds from fees going towards both the running of the school and the home, thus helping KCH take steps towards self-sufficiency – a major goal of the organisation. 

"Our headmaster, George Gathuru is always welcoming.  He loves and cares for all pupils in this school.  Our director is very generous.  Our school's staff is very open to us all the time.  New members are always welcomed and always feel at home."  Olive Mboya 4Green